Terms Of Service

The following terms of service outlines everything that is included in either your annual or month-to-month subscription to The Hive:

Introduction to The Hive:

Welcome to The Hive. We are a subscription based video service that helps you create quality, recurring video content to promote your business, services, or products. Our cost effective process to creating monthly content will save you money and give you the tools needed to attract new business.

How you fit in:

The Hive is an ongoing commitment between you and our studio. Together, we will work creatively to develop the strongest strategic approaches to creating content for your business. To insure the success of this ongoing relationship, and to promote a positive outcome, we ask the following of everyone involved:

  1. Come to every Creative Strategy Session with ideas.

  2. Promote open and consistent lines of communication.

  3. Define and honor clear delivery expectations.

  4. Define and respect creative expectations.

  5. Respect all parties time commitment to the project.

What your subscription gives you:

At the start of your subscription our studio producer and creative director sit down with you to go over how your subscription will operate for the next 12 months. We call this meeting a kickoff meeting and in it we will discuss the following:

Kickoff Meeting:

  • This meeting is held at Alvarium Studios located at 342 Market Ave. SW, Floor 2 and must be attended either in person or via remote conversion services by the client.

  • overall strategic goals and expectations Discussion.

    • This is the bulk of our Kickoff Meeting discussion. Here we layout your goals, dreams, and roadmap to creating your Hive video content over the next 12 months.

  • Branding and messaging integration into video

    • This will cover style, look, tone, and feel of your video content that we produce over the year. This can change throughout the year based on your needs. So, don’t worry if you don’t quite know this yet.

  • Monthly Creative Consultation meeting date and time.

    • Because your Creative Consultation meeting happens on the same date and time, every month, we will decide at the beginning of your subscription what date and time is best to meet for your business and operations.

  • In-Studio Filming Session Date And Time.

    • You will film your content on the same date and time every month. this allows for all parties to plan and prepare for the filming time in studio and will help minimize complications.

Because The Hive is a subscription based video service, it is built to operate using a cyclical schedule to help you create the best content possible in the most organized and efficient process. With your subscription, you receive the following services, every month:

Creative Consultation Meetings:

  • Your Creative Consultation Meeting is a one hour meeting where everyone involved in your subscription has the ability to discusses the needs, goals, strategy, creative ideas, tone, and style of your content. These meetings are designed to see how content in performing month over month, where adjustments need to be made, what is successful and should be continued; giving everyone involved in your subscription a pulse on the performance of your recurring content.

  • Each meetings’ agenda includes the following:

    • Overview of each month’s analytical performance

    • Recommendations based on the analytical data for the upcoming month’s video

    • Creative Director’s input

    • Your feedback on our input and ideas

    • Your ideas of what you would like to create for the next month’s video

    • Workshop of all the goals and ideas discussed

    • Consensus on what the next month’s video will be and how it will be filmed in studio

    • Appoint project point of contact from your team that will help facilitate all communications and logistics between your team and ours.

  • At the conclusion of your Creative Consultation Everyone should walk away with a clear understanding of what the month’s new content will look like, how it will be filmed, who will be featured in the video, and why we are creating that specific video for the month.

  • These meetings are held at Alvarium Studios located at 342 Market Ave. SW, Floor 2 and must be attended either in person or via remote conversion services.


  • After each Creative Consultation Meeting, our creative director and Studio Producer create a treatment for that month’s coming content.

  • A treatment is a one page outline that condenses down what was discussed and agreed upon in the Creative Strategy Session.

  • It will be drafted to reflect an accurate interpretation of what was agreed upon, as well as what creative techniques will be used during filming.

  • The treatment will be submitted to the client, for their approval, no later than (5) days before the scheduled In-Studio Filming Session.

Development Sign-off Form:

  • This signed form indicates the client’s approval and acceptance of all submitted content featured in the treatment and give The Hive the approval to move into the steps needed to produce the content in-studio and on your scheduled filming date.

  • This signed form is required for The Hive to move into production. If for any reason, You have a problem with what was submitted in the treatment, you need to contact the Studio Producer with your concerns within 24 hours of receiving the sign-off form. The Hive will work to address all concerns as long as their correction fall Within the scope of your subscription and can be achieved without any additional cost.

    • If corrections require additional cost to correct, our studio producer will submit a change order to you that will reflect the budget adjustment needed to successfully address your concerns.

    • This change order must be signed by an authorized party and returned to The Hive with the full payment to cover the entire cost of the changes before any changes will be made to the project outlined in the Treatment.

  • The completed Sign-off form must be returned to the Studio Producer no later than 72 hours before the shoot date.

    • Failure to return the Sign-Off form before this date could result in your content for the month to be forfeit and not completed.

      • In this event, no refunds or credits will be given.

In-STudio Production:

Evey month you have complete access to our studio space and its amenities during your scheduled shooting block date and time. Some of these amenities are:

  • Multiple Filming Background/Backdrops:

    • White Cyc Wall

    • Black Background

    • Green Screen

      • If you choose to film your content using the green screen, The Hive will shoot one video background, free of charge, per year, to replace the green screen.

      • If you require additional backgrounds to replace the green screen, we charge a fee of $250.00 per additional background.

        • This cost covers:

          • Camera Operator fees

          • Camera Equipment Fees

          • Travel up to a 60 mile radius from our studio

        • The additional fee must be paid in full before any additional backgrounds can be filmed.

      • If you provide The Hive with background video that you already own, you may supply our Studio Producer with this content and we will be happy to integrate it into your green screen background without any additional cost.

  • Equipment Use:

    • 4K UHD Camera Packages

    • Professional Lighting Packages

    • Professional Audio Equipment

    • Limited Set Dressings and Props

  • Common Space:

    • The Hive is located inside a community workspace that offers a large common workspace complete with the following:

      • Complete Kitchen

      • Work Bar

      • Coffee Station

      • Mobile Workstations

      • Internet

      • Pool Table

    • Please use this common space freely and respectfully. we ask all clients to please be respectful of the other businesses and people working in the space and to not to interfere in their operations. If for any reason, a distraction becomes large enough, you may be asked to leave. If this occurs, your content may not be finished and you will not be refunded for that months content.

Post Production:

After you content is recorded in studio, our editors take over and make your video come to life based on the creative treatment. The following departments all work to make your project the best it can be!

  • Editing:

    • Our post production editors take your raw content and assemble your story based on the treatment that was decided before production began. This is where your videos tone, pacing, shot choices, and story is crafted.

  • Color Correction/Grading

    • Color Correction - In this phase, our color artists make any correction to the color of your footage to make it look natural and fix any mistakes and blemishes that may appear in skin tones, background, or other parts of the shot.

    • Color Grading - After your footage is corrected, our color artist apply what is called a “Grade” to your footage. This gives your video its specific and final look. Your Grade is something that our team can work with you on to develop and it will be discussed in our Kickoff meeting.

  • Text/Graphics

    • Text - This includes any kind of text that will appear on-screen such as direct call outs, lower thirds, scripted prompts, etc.

      • For any and all text, we require the client to supply the creative director with any fonts that will be needed.

      • While The Hive makes every effort to ensure correct spelling, it is ultimately up to the Client to spell check all content on screen and make sure that the spelling is correct.

    • Graphics - This includes your logo or any other on screen graphics you would like integrated into your final video.

      • All graphics must be supplied by the client to the creative director in a vector format, either .AI or .EPS. If no vector format is available then a high resolution .png or .jpg may be supplied as long as its resolution exceeds 1000 pixels.

    • Additional text, graphics, and motion graphics animations can be applied to your video, every month. This type of work is not included in your monthly subscription but it can be added on to your month’s video with a budget adjustment. Just make the request and we will make it happen!

  • Sound Mastering

    • This is where the sound of your video comes to life. Here we sweeten voices, enhance effects, and mix the music into the track.

  • Licensed Music

    • All licensed music is approved for use on the web in perpetuity. This includes use for: website, social media, paid web advertisements.

    • If additional licensing outside the scope of web use is required then additional fees will apply.

  • Revisions

    • Every month you receive 1 round of revisions. This means that when our editor has finished editing the first draft of your video we will send it to you for review. Within 48 hours you send back your notes to us and our editor will complete the edit. After they apply your notes, color correction/grading, text integration, and sound mastering will happen. After this, we will deliver the fully finished video to you and your team, ready for use!

    • Additional Revisions - If additional revisions are needed after the final video is delivered you may submit your request and we will quote the cost to make those changes. You can either accept or deny the budget and we will either make those changes or keep the video as it was delivered.

    • The notes we are looking for during your round of revisions are:

      • Content

      • Pacing

      • Music choice

      • Graphic/text placement

      • Spelling

      • Color

      • Sound design

  • Deliverables

    • Every month you receive a fully finished video of up to 1 minute in length in a final resolution of 1920x1080p that is encoded for use on all web platforms.

  • Video Add-ons

    • Even though The Hive is a great service that delivers amazing content to our clients, it doesn’t do everything. This includes custom text/graphic animations, 3D animation, external b-roll and location filming, voice over work, drone cinematography, equipment upgrades, custom written music scores, set building, wardrobe, props, graphic design. If services like these are requested they will be assessed and billed separately through our other services, Alvarium Express and Alvarium Gold. Please let our studio Producer know if you require additional services outside of your subscription.

Additional Production Details

Production Materials and Support Assets:

Any asset owned by the client that needs to be featured in a video must be delivered to the Studio Producer no later than 48 hours, on a business day, prior to the shoot date.

  • Production Materials

    • This includes anything that needs to be filmed on the day of your shoot. Including but not limited to: Props, packaging, products, wardrobe, etc.

  • Support Assets

    • This pertains to anything needed for post production. Included but not limited to: Logos, fonts, design/branding guides, color swatches, etc.


  • Creative Consultation Meeting

    • At your kickoff meeting, we will choose from the first Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday of every month to hold your Creative Consultation Meeting.

    • The times available for these meetings are between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. on the days mentioned above.

    • This meeting will be held on the same day and time each and every month.

  • In-Studio Filming Sessions

    • Your scheduled 1 hour filming block starts promptly at your scheduled time, so please arrive 15 minutes prior to your shoot in order to get settled, get into wardrobe/makeup, and ready to film!.

    • Similar to your creative consultation meetings, your sessions are reserved for the THIRD Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of every month.

    • The available filming windows for all three days are as follows and are chosen on a first come first serve basis:

      • 8 a.m. - 9 a.m.

      • 10 a.m. - 11 a.m.

      • 1 p.m. - 2 p.m.

      • 3 p.m. - 4 p.m.

      • 5 p.m. - 6 p.m.

  • Video Delivery Deadline

    • Your finished video content will be delivered to you no later than the End Of Day (EOD) on the last day of every month.


We understand that schedules are busy and can change. Therefore, we try, as much as possible, to be as flexible with our clients’ schedules. Please observe the following rescheduling policy:

  • Rescheduling Policy

    • All rescheduling needs to occur 72 hours before the scheduled session date and time.

  • Creative Strategy Session

    • You can move this session up to either 3 business days before or after your scheduled date and time.

    • You may reschedule this meeting up to 3 times per year before we will need to reassess your schedule. Fees may apply.

  • In-Studio Filming Session

    • You can move this session up to either 2 business days before or after your scheduled date and time in studio.

    • You may reschedule this up to 3 times per year before we will need to reassess your schedule. Fees may apply.

  • Failure To Reschedule

    • If you fail to reschedule your Creative Strategy Session or In-Studio Filming Session before the 72 hour cutoff you will have the option to either:

      • Pay a rescheduling fee of $500.00 to reschedule your meeting or shooting session.


      • Forfeit that month’s content. The following month will resume with your regular schedule.


  • Point of Contact

    • Each month we ask that you appoint one person from your team to be the main point of contact for all communications.

      • This person is required to be present at all meetings.

      • We expect an open line of communication. Therefore, we require that the appointed person makes themselves available and responsive to all reasonable communications and requests.

      • All correspondence will travel between this person and our Studio Producer. This includes any communications on the following:

        • Scheduling

        • Creative Development

        • Equipment Needs

        • Special Needs/Requests

        • Content Editing/Notes

        • Delivery Formats

        • Final delivery and approvals

  • Communication Frequency

    • Below are the main communication benchmarks that must be completed each month:

      • Creative Strategy Session

      • Treatment Submission and Notes from Client

      • Development Sign Off Form

      • In-Studio Filming Session

      • Edited First Draft Delivery and Notes

      • Final Video Delivery


  • If travel is needed beyond a 60 mile radius from The Hive’s studio, located at: 342 Market Ave. SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503, then all travel fees and costs incured must be reimbursed by YOU THE CLIENT. tHE FEES AND COSTS WILL NEED TO BE ASSESSED AND APPROVED BY YOU BEFORE TRAVEL CAN HAPPEN.

    • costs include:

      • meals

      • lodging

      • mileage (All mileage rates will be assessed based on the standard federal mileage reimbursement rate for the year.)

      • aIRFAIR

Payment Terms:


    • The annual subscription to The Hive is a non-recurring payment, PAID IN FULL AT THE TIME OF PURCHASE. tHE ANNUAL COST OF A hIVE sUBSCRIPTION IS $6,000.

  • Month-To-Month:

    • This is a AUTOMATIC recurring monthly payment of $750.00.

    • Payment must clear before the 1st of every month.

Cancellation Policy:

  • Annual Subscription

    • If you are not happy within the first 30 days of working with The Hive, then we will happily refund your subscription in full.

    • After 30 days, you may cancel at anytime with a cancellation fee of 50% of your remaining balance.

  • Month-to-Month Subscription

    • Cancel anytime without any fees.

***PLEASE NOTE: If for any reason, The Hive must cancels your subscription you will receive a full refund of your remaining balance.

  • Refund Policy

    • Refunds may not be available if cancellation occurs after your month’s content is filmed in studio.