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Alvarium Studios exists to help people communicate more effectively, using video. With our client’s strategy set as our core focus we approach each video by crafting intelligent story and cinematic visuals. Delivering successful video content that people can use everyday to better communicate to their core audience, more often.


Our Services

We are a full service, fully customizable video production studio that offers a wide range of creative solutions to our clients. See what we can create for you:

  • Professional Location Sound Recording and Mixing

  • Cinematography

  • Directing

  • Drone Cinematography

  • Creative Storytelling and Development

  • Screenplay/Script Writing

  • Story-boarding/Pre-visualization

  • 2D and 3D Animation

  • Post Production Editing

  • Sound Design and Mastering

  • Motion Graphics

  • Visual Effects, Matte Painting, and Cleanup

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Something different…

Don’t need a fully customized approach to video creation? Maybe you’re looking for a more affordable option? Check out our two “productized” and subscription based services below.

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Alvarium Express

This grab-n-go approach to original video content creation is like buying your next video right off the store shelf and getting it to work for you as quickly as possible.

Browse our catalog of “productized” videos that you can begin using in your marketing pipeline to attract new customers to your product.

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The Hive

Is a truly unique and revolutionary approach to consistent content creation. The Hive is a subscription based video service that gives our clients professional video content each and every month!

See what a subscription to consistent video content can do for you…


We take the stress out of video production by applying top talent to a procedural process of visual storytelling.

— Matthew Lohr