Micro Commercial

Micro Commercial


Quickly engage your audience with eye-catching visuals and strong product presentation. In today’s world of on-demand content and the constant fight for your audiences’ attention, give them something short, sweet, and extremely filling.

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There's nothing small about these commercials!

With Micro Commercials you will have the ability to quickly show the world your product or service with gusto!

Our creative team works with you to develop a high concept commercial featuring your products or services at their best. Together, we create an impactful, concept driven, and affordable commercial. Our Micro Commercials are snackable content at its finest...

Short, sweet, and extremely satisfying!


Increase Social Media Engagments - implement Micro Commercials into your marketing strategy to affordably increase your business's reach an awareness.

Instagram Campaigns - The :15 second runtime of our Micro Commercials are perfect for building comprehensive Instagram Ad Campaigns.

Adertise More - By keeping the cost of producing a high quality commercial low, you will be able to afford more ad space and run more campaigns towards your targeted audiences.

Product Features:

  • Product DOES included licensed music*

  • Basic text and logo integration

  • 1 client revision

  • Delivered within 3 weeks from filming date

  • Travel fees may apply**

  • (1) Micro Commercial delivered in 1920x1080p HD video

  • Finished run-time of 5-15 second

  • Consultation with creative director and cinematographer

  • Filming on location or in studio for up to 3 hours

  • One camera and lighting set up

  • Feature products or services

*Music License: includes music streaming for videos online in perpetuity. If you need a music license for broadcast applications, please let us know and we would be happy to supply you with a custom, additional quote for a broadcast music license.

**Travel Fees: are calculated for any travel required outside of a 60 mile radius from our studio. Travel can include mileage, airfare, meals, lodging, per diem.

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